Business Account Software

Account Pro financial software utility help to forecasting all business plans. Tool gives realistic forecasts of the financial result at the end of the accounting period. Utility shows all probability of forecasting reports through every expense and

Advanced Biorhythms

Advanced Biorhythms is a program that forecasts your emotional, physical, intellectual, and intuitional activity cycles, also known as biorhythms. Advanced Biorhythms has unique user-friendly interface: handy calendar of cycles and extended info panel



MyFreeWeather allows you to view the sky in any city in the world and track local weather. Watch the moving storm & weather patterns via Satellite & Radar. Also, view daily and detailed forecasts, local time and date for anywhere, plus alerts to

Animated Weather Widget  v.2.3

View the weather forecast in style using Animated Weather for Android. Perhaps the best Android weather widget out there, it provides beautiful 3D scenes displaying weather conditions. Forecasts are reliable and are offered in almost any location.

WeatherAloud  v.1.0

WeatherAloud is an interesting application that can read you the weather forecasts and current conditions aloud. The program can read your local weather conditions as well as weather conditions of many other cities of the world (over 5000).

Lokad Desktop Workload Forecasting  v.1.0

Deliver workload forecasts. Best suited for call centers and staff managers (retail, restaurants, hostels, ...). Too much staff and money is wasted. Too few staff and customers get mad. Scheduling optimization is a cornerstone of profitability.

RouteOptimizer  v.2.0

A Windows based simulator to find the optimal route to the weather conditions and forecasts. According to one estimate Americans waste more than 65 billion dollars a year sitting in traffic.

S3GRAF  v.6 1

Do you spend hours every month preparing forecasts? S3GRAF will save you time and simplify the way you work.

Weather1  v.8 50

Weather1 is the best weather software that keeps you updated of current weather conditions, forecasts, Warnings & Advisories, radar and satellite images and much more! Worldwide locations of which to retrieve current conditions and forecasts.

DLM666  v.7.0

DLM 666 is a Numerology software generating Life Readings and Forecasts. DLM 666 has been developped for professional practitioners and not only.

IziWai  v.7 7

Izi Wai is a Complete Chinese Astrology software dealing with both 'Zi Wei Dou Shu' and 'Ba Zi' methods. It generates amazing Natal Analyses, Forecasts, provides lessons, helps and tutorial, allows sophistical Searches...

BCF Weatherzone Tracker  v.1.0

Weather Tracker is a desktop weather widget with live local weather conditions and 7 day forecasts for over 580 Australian locations. Features include live warnings, custom alerts, radar and satellite images.

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